Celebrating the Warwickshire countryside

Swans on the Leam

I'm sure there are many people, like me, who walk along the River Leam as it meanders through Eathorpe and Hunningham on its way to Leamington. From Eathorpe, it's one of the best dog walks around. So many people will be familiar with the pair of swans who live on this stretch of the river. I have followed the progress of this pair for several years now, eagerly watching for the arrival of their cygnets each Spring, and following these as they grew and finally left to set up their own partnerships in other rivers.

As I eagerly await the arrival of the 2021 generation, here are a few photos of the Leam swans, with their various clutches of cygnets.

2017Swans2017 2018Swans 2018
2019Swans2019 2020Swans2020

Observations of a dog walker

One of the biggest pleasures of taking retirement was our acquisition of a dog. So, for the past 6 years we have been the proud owners of a cocker spaniel called Jarvis (Jarvis Cocker - get it?!) Not only is he a wonderful friend and companion in his own right, but he has also been the cause of getting me out into our lovely Warwickshire countryside much more regularly. Which not only gets me fit (well, fitter than I was before!) but has also introduced me to aspects of the countryside I just did not know anything about before. So I thought I might share some of the things I have seen. I make no claim to any expertise about things natural, but I am a curious observer.

One of our highlights was seeing a badger on the old railway line from Hunningham to Long Itchington.


I'm not sure who was more surprised, the badger or Jarvis! I do know that the badger scuttled away very fast and Jarvis hid behind my legs! I think it's called 'cancelling each other out'.

And then there was the otter in the Leam -


And of course the lambs in the Spring -


We do live in a wonderful place!