Welcome to the W2hen newsletter June 2021

seven swans nearly swimming

Welcome to the June 2021 edition of the W2hen newsletter.

This picture was taken at Coombe Abbey Country Park a few days ago. It seems that the swans there have been busy! I don't think I've seen a clutch of SEVEN cygnets before. I think normally it's around 4.

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Local news and events

Here is a round up of events and news locally.

Church services and the vicar's pastoral letter

Here you will find Hugh Priestners' latest pastoral letter plus information about church events and services.

Poetry Page

This month I feature the American poet, Emily Dickinson, who is my favourite poet of all (at the moment!)

Bits and Bytes

The focus of this section this month is on the humble computer mouse. There are some details of useful tricks with the mouse. I'm sure some of you will already have known about these, but they were new to me!

Spring is here - but...

Leam willow

Well, it's supposed to be Spring but the weather is not really playing fair at the moment. I hate to be a weather bore, but there is definitely too much rain and not enough sunshine around right now! Hopefully things will improve soon. We're only 3 weeks now from the longest day - Midsummer!