Welcome to the W2hen newsletter February 2021

The willow on the Leam at Eathorpe

You should notice a bit of a transformation in the style of this website. I needed to move the hosting location of the site, so took advantage of this to redesign the whole thing. I hope you like it.

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Local news and events

Here is a round up of events and news locally.

Church services and the vicar's pastoral letter

Here you will find Hugh Priestners' latest pastoral letter plus information about church events and services.

The COVID crisis

Here you will find some information and thoughts about the current pandemic.

Take a break

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Bits and Bytes

A new section with ideas and tips about using technology, including computers, the Internet and mobile phones.

A wet January

Leam willow

January is never the best of months but right now, I think the ground is as wet as I've seen it. Let's hope we have a period of dry weather so we avoid flooding.

Lake Eathorpe

Mind you. Coming down the hill from Wappenbury into Eathorpe does not inspire confidence. Lake Eathorpe is back!