Welcome to the W2hen newsletter December 2021

Christmas bauble

Christmas is always a special time. For some people the most important aspect of Christmas is the religious origin of the festival. For others, the key is the opportunity that Christmas gives us to spend time with our families. And for others, of course (especially those under about 15 years old!), Christmas is about presents. It seems to me that all these aspects of Christmas are valid and important.

For myself, the family aspect comes first. My son is now 24 years old, but we still, as a family, do things on Christmas Day in the same ways that we have been doing since he was born. (Although I have to admit that he no longer comes into our bed to open his presents!) We still have our original gaudy green and red woollen socks that we each put out on Christmas Eve. We still have our family present-opening time early on Christmas morning (with carols from Kings College playing softly in the background). We still eat ridiculously large amounts at Christmas dinner - and then sleep for an hour or so afterwards to recover. And I could go on...

I hope you enjoy your own Christmas traditions and, of course, this December issue of the W2hen.

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Local news and events

Here is a round up of events and news locally.

Church services and the vicar's pastoral letter

Here you will find Hugh Priestners' latest pastoral letter plus information about church events and services.

Poetry Page

This month's focus, of course, is Christmas poetry, and we begin with an old favourite, first published in the 1830's. I'd be interested to hear your reactions to the question of the names of Santa's reindeer. There is some controversy here!

I also include part of a longer poem by the wonderful Benjamin Zephaniah. Read it AFTER you eat your Christmas turkey!

Bits and Bytes

This month sees the sale of more computers than any other, as we run up to Christmas. In this month's piece I try to offer some advice about what to look for if you are thinking of buying a new machine.

A new Christmas tradition?

Christmas jumper

As I was thinking of Christmas traditions, it occurred to me that we are regularly inventing new ones. My son will probably never forgive me for this but here is an example of a new tradition in the making.