Features March 2021

The COVID situation

We are still in lockdown because of the Covid outbreak, although we do now have the government's “road map“ for exiting from this crisis. Their plans are that we should be aiming to be free of retrictions, on travel, meeting people etc. by the Summer. But clearly we are not there yet - so our attention mustn't be allowed to lapse. Covid is still causing deaths and we still need to take care.

Warwickshire country

Warwickshire sky

I think we are very lucky to live in this small corner of Warwickshire. This section will be devoted, therefore, to celebrating our beautiful countryside.

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Topics from the national news

National news

This section contains comments on issues in the national news. It might also have cartoons and newspaper clippings. BEWARE! There will inevitably be some political material here. It's not compulsory to read it!

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The poetry page


Poetry has been my lifelong companion, so I thought it would be good to share some of it through these pages.

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Take a break


Here is the more light-hearted section of the W2hen. Time to have a laugh, or try a puzzle. Take a break here.

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