The COVID pandemic

I have to admit to finding it rather staggering that, with over 90,000 deaths so far, some people are still resisting the idea that we are in a serious situation. It's undoubtedly true that the government have not managed this well, but that is surely no excuse for people not to look out for each other during this extraordinary time? Yet misinformation continues to rule in some quarters.

Titanic Covid

I am afraid I think this is all very simple. COVID spreads by physical contact so, if we want to cut down the spread of the virus, we have got to limit our physical contact with others. Don't stand too close to someone else. Wear a face mask. Stay at home whenever you can. Simple things but they worked in New Zealand, and Vietnam and other countries. Until we have all been vaccinated, we have to take care. We are, literally. all in this together.