Bits and Bytes June 2021

In this section of the newsletter, I will include some items related to managing and using technology - including computers, email, the Internet, and mobile phones. I hope you find it interesting.

Tricks with your mouse

Mouse tricks? Really? Isn't that a little below our technology know-how? That's what I thought too! Until I learn some new tips and tricks that made my life so much easier! Who knew a few mouse tips could save me so much time on my computer!

So here are some mouse tricks you need to know!

Using the Left Button

1. Double click the left button: this highlights a word

2. Triple click the left button: this highlights a paragraph. Why didn't I know this?

3. Hover your cursor over a word and then hold down the ALT and left mouse button: on my version of Word this brings up a fresh window to the right with all kinds of information about the word you selected, taken from dictionaries and a thesaurus. VERY useful sometimes.

4. Select a specific amount of text. Click the left button on the character or word where you want the selection to start. Then move your cursor to the end of your selection. Hold down the SHIFT key and left click. You have now highlighted your entire selection!

5. Left button hold + CTRL when you are dragging and dropping will COPY items.

6. Left button hold + SHIFT when you are dragging and dropping will MOVE items.

Using the Mouse Wheel

You know that you can scroll through a page of text using the mouse wheel. Did you also know that if you hold CTRL down while using the mouse wheel it zooms in or zooms out of the page you are viewing? If you hold CTRL and scroll up, it makes the page bigger. If you hold CTRL and scroll down. it makes the page smaller. I have used this so much! It works on the web but also in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint!

Using the right button

Many people hardly ever use the right button but it's probably the one which gives you the greatest choice when using the computer. Right clicks produce what are known as context-sensitive menus. That means that a right click in a Word document offers you different choices to a right click on a web page, and so on.

You can configure these right click menu choices by using a simple, free piece of software called Right Click Extender. Strongly recommended.