Bits and Bytes July 2022

In this section of the newsletter, I will include some items related to managing and using technology - including computers, email, the Internet, and mobile phones. I hope you find it interesting.

Cool tricks with Google Search

Feeling bored? Here are some cool tricks with Google search that will make your searching experience much more interesting. Google is used by everyone worldwide but there are lots of Google search tricks available that most people don't know. Google themselves call these 'Easter Eggs'! You can see a full list here. They all start from a Google search page. Remember you can always click the 'back' button to get out of the tricks!

  1. Do a barrel roll. Just type "do a barrel roll" into the search box and Google will do a roll for you which is very cool.
  2. Stop Watch. Simply type "stopwatch" and you will see an online stopwatch and timer.
  3. Quick convert. This trick is very useful, if you want to convert inches to feet or feet to cm or anything into any other format. Just type "Xcm to inch" and Google will quickly convert the X into your desired format.
  4. Flip a coin. Search "flip a coin" and hit enter. Now you can toss a coin.
  5. Calculator. You can just search "calculator" and google will provide an online calculator. You can also carry out quick calculations by typing digits into the search box - e.g. 94 * 62.
  6. Zerg rush. Type "zerg rush" into the search box and click on "I'm feeling lucky". You will see lots of small circles that will wipe out your whole page, leaving it blank. You can use your mouse to destroy these circles if you're quick enough.
  7. Written numbers. You can easily convert digits into words. Type "3232 in words" and Google will convert that into words.
  8. Askew. Type "askew" into the search box, press "Google Search" and your homepage will tilt a little bit. I find this irritating rather than cool.
  9. Atari breakout. Type the phrase "Atari breakout", and click on "I'm feeling lucky". You can play a rather nice game.
  10. Google sphere. Type "google sphere" in the search box and hit "I'm feeling lucky". You will get a nice animation effect which you can control to a degree with the mouse.
  11. Epic google. Type the phrase "epic google" and hit "I'm feeling lucky".
  12. Roll a dice. Want to play ludo but don't have a dice? Open Google and type "roll a dice". You will get a fully functional dice that you can use to play any kind of games. You can choose dice of 4, 6, 10, 12, or 20 sides, as well as the normal 8.Roll a dice

    Happy Google Easter Egging!