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This project aimed to investigate the knowledge and beliefs about reading and teaching reading held by students on a one year post-graduate teacher education course.

The project addressed the following questions:

1. What did these student teachers know and believe about reading and the teaching of reading at the commencement of their course of teacher training?

  • How did they characterise the reading process?
  • Which elements of the teaching of reading did they identify as important?
  • What strategies did they claim they would adopt in the teaching of reading?
  • How competent did they feel about the teaching of reading?
  • What beliefs (as expressed in terms of theoretical orientation) did they hold about the teaching of reading?

2. In what way did this knowledge and these belief systems change during the process of a PGCE course?

3. To what factors did the students attribute changes in knowledge and beliefs?

Here is an article reporting the findings from this project.

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